"If you work with African American student  athletes, are a teacher, parent or student athletes that wants to succeed in America you must get this book. The stories are inspirational, informative and a must have tool to help young black kids succeed." Coach Mims

" Success Stories: Insights by African American Men" is an inspirational collection of stories by 19 African American Men. It also includes researched based information by Reginald Grant, MSEd on Reaching and Teaching African American Children. A cross generational collection of stories from college students to men in retirement, a true glimpse into the journey of African American Men in America. 
“African American males want the same things as everyone else, a family, a job a education, the opportunity to live the American dream. “ J. Everett Pearsall , Executive Director of the National Alliance of African American Athletes. I, nor most African American males don’t want any handouts or hand me downs, just the opportunity to compete on a level playing field. But, being an African American male in American is a unique experience. 
Black men are our ancestors, fathers, husbands, baby daddies, boyfriends, nephews and sons,—they are all of us—and it is past time to eradicate the stigmas surrounding African American Males. We need to step up to fight the misinformation too often perpetrated in main stream media. In the first section of the book are their Success Stories, told by African American Men. How they have persevered and overcome here in the American system so heavily stacked against them. 

In the book we look at the research, the historical factors and hopefully provide some insight and solutions.

Part I – Success Stories& Insights by African American Men
The Authors: 
 Remound Wright, III (Stanford Student, Watkins Award Alumni)

“A Lifetime of Fear …A young black man in America”                        15

 Michael Montgomery (Retired NFL)
“A heartbeat away from your destiny”        25

Charles Barnes (Musician, Author)            29
“If You keep Going Everything will be Alright”

 Casey Cummings (Branding Professional)
“The Cummings Family”                         37

 Chase Moore (Holy Cross University)
“My Vocation”                                            45

 Zachary Byrge  (UCLA)                   

“Beating the Odds”                             51

Troy Durk (USC)
“Humble Beginnings”                                          57

 Caylin L. Moore (Fulbright Scholar, TCU)
“Life isn’t Easy”                                                    59

Robert Carter (Retired LAPD)
“Take advantage of your Opportunities”        65

Chris Ward, Phd (Retired NFL All-Pro, Minister)
“From a Dumpster to the NFL and beyond”   71

Bishop James E. Swanson, Sr. (Minister, UMM)
"Don't you ever stop believing in yourself?"77

Robert Baddy (Retired. Dept of Commerce)
"47 Countries "

Mark Campbell, (Educator, Speaker)

Tyrone Tate (Educator, Entrepreneur )

Ashley Tucker (Actor, Writer)
“Victors not Victims”                                           103

 J. Everette Pearsall (Director Nonprofit)
“From West Baltimore to the World”  111

 Delmus Harris III (Law Enforcement)
"Overcoming Destructive Comments from Others"          117
Steven Holden(NFL Retired, Coach, Real Estate)
“From Watts to the NFL because I Listened”               119

 Reginald Grant (Author, Educator, Speaker) Stories by Reginald Grant   123

Stop Pigeonholing Me., There’s intelligence under that Black Skin , A Black Teacher’s Perspective, Luezinger – Myron Rolle, Devin Gardner and Ted Ginn, Jr., International Perspective – American Dream.   

Part II – Reaching and Teaching African American Males